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Below are some VO gigs I've booked this year (2015) for Spindo.  I play Kicko, the blue rhino. (Note: I did NOT animate these, these were animated by the incredibly talented studio 6 point harness)

Episode 1 "Piranha Punchers"

Episode 3 "Karate Koyotes"

When Kicko and Puncho stumble into an old Ghost Town, they end up having to prove who the best fighters are - them, or the Karate Coyotes. In the end, someone will be left howling ͞Owwwwwwwwwww!

Episode 2 "Buzzaster Bees"

Episode 4 "The Ghosts"

The old Ghost Town turns out to filled with - who would have guessed? - Ghosts! And Kicko and Puncho's usual tricks of kicking and punching have no effect on these guys. Looks like trouble is a brewin'....

Writer/Director: Alex Schubert ( Producers: Alex Schubert, Nath Milburn ( Voices: Jeff Campbell (, Odell Atkinson (, Channing Kennedy ( Storyboards, designs, backgrounds: Alex Schubert Editing, character clean up, animation, composite: Nath Milburn Sound mix: David Kramer ( Typography: Dustin WIlliams ( Music: Fred Davis, Black Dice (


Here are some projects that I provided VO for as well as animation/design!

Get Your Insurance Check-Up! First Commercial

Please help this poor man. He is definitely not on drugs a Nachotoonz! original